About the Southern California Railway Plaza Association

About the SCRPA

The Southern California Railway Plaza Association (SCRPA) is a volunteer organization focused on the promotion of educational programs, activities, and venues for people of all ages, dedicated to the preservation of the rail heritage of Southern California.

Mission Statement

To provide a historical insight into the numerous contributions that railroads have made to the development and growth of our region from the 19th century onward.

Vision Statement

Create a venue where people can visit and take “a walk through time" to experience traveling by train in the early 20th century.


The organization traces its history to early 1991, when the future first president, Bob Root, booked himself onto a Pacific Rail Society fantrip from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, scheduled to be powered by steam locomotive ATSF 3751, then undergoing a wheels-up restoration in San Bernardino.

Bob Root, a longtime rail enthusiast, visited the 3751 restoration site, where he met fellow Fullertonian George Barlow, a volunteer for the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society, owners of the engine. On the Bakersfield trip, Root, Barlow, and a few other Fullertonians along for the ride, discussed the possibility of housing the 3751 in a shelter at the former Santa Fe depot in Fullerton.

The men began informal meetings and, by early 1995, the group’s dream had grown to include a larger facility that could capture the valuable part that railroads played in the region’s development. Support expanded for the idea, and a city study for the Fullerton Transportation Center area by Arroyo Group consultants included the rail attraction in its analysis.

In 1996, the founding group took the step to formalize the idea and formed Fullerton Railway Plaza Association, Inc. (FRPA), as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

FRPA then initiated the idea of holding a community event that would showcase rail-related activities as a form of entertainment and thus validate their belief that the concept would be a viable destination attraction.

We welcome your participation and thank you for your interest in SCRPA.

The Board of Directors includes people familiar with the Southern California region and pertinent aspects of railroad history, railroad operations, and government interaction.

Annual Membership

Membership is from January 1 through December 31 and must be renewed annually.

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You may submit an application through the mail. Simply download and complete the membership application and send it with payment to:

P.O. Box 5195
Fullerton, CA 92838-5195

For additional membership information, please email info@fullertontrainmuseum.org.